About Indian Public School

Indian Public School *

INDIAN PUBLIC SCHOOL has been conceived by Akshar Multipurpose Social Trust, solapur. The school began in the year 2011 with an integrated approach towards learning, In just over a span of six years, the school has been developed as a learning cell for children..

It is founded by Prof. Birappa D. Shejal and is being formulated and supervised by Sou. Aparna B. Shejal as a Secretary.
The school is aiming at the all round development of the child with emphasis on Self Discipline, Intelligence, Perseverance and Success at all levels by its learners. IPS has a shared objective to create an open mind which has the freedom to think independently and discover the world which is unexplored and goes beyond knowledge.
We are thankful to our parents for their trust in us towards the Quality Education which we impart. We look forward to be one of the first choices and preferred schools in terms of Centre for Learning and Excellence for children.
Our website www.ipssolapur.org has been designed to have feedback and suggestions from the parents. Do visit us towards further enquiries and queries. *